Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One very cool T-shirt!

Hi all -

Now for the hard part. Fundraiser time. I'd love to tell you that I'm independently wealthy, whatever that means, so that I could just write a check for RAAM and be done with it.

But I'm not independently wealthy. I'm something just a little bit better than that - I'm dependently wealthy. By which I mean that I'm part of an interdependent community of folks who figure out how to get it done.

To raise funds for RAAM - mine, his, and Tim Woudenberg's - my bike sponsor, Dana Lieberman, is selling T-shirts. For $100. Yep. You got that right. A hundred bucks. One big ol' Benjamin Franklin. A good chunk of a day's wages for most of us. As much as most of us have donated toward relief in Haiti.

Here's the really nutso part - he's not even put the design on them yet. You've just gotta believe that this limited edition "supporter" tee is going to be amazing:

Or not. Even if you don't wear T shirts (and I'll bet you do, you're the casual type or you'd not be reading this) you could buy one simply because you're thinking about purchasing a new recumbent this year. Two lucky T-shirt buyers will also win a $2500 gift certificate to Bent Up Cycles. That's enough to buy a pretty nice bike outright, or to make a really good start on a Carbent.

Did I mention that Bent Up is the largest, coolest recumbent shop in Southern California? If I didn't, let me  make it clear: Bent Up Cycles is the largest, coolest recumbent shop in Southern California. OK? That means a great selection of bike brands and styles, awesome customer service, and a loyal community of customers.

Not a recumbent rider? I'll bet you could find something to spend $2500 on in Dana's shop anyway. PowerTap wheels? He's got 'em. Components? Check. Great lights and accessories - yup. Or, how about a five year's supply of Hammer Gel?

In short, if you're interested in supporting recumbent racing, this is THE shirt to have this year.

End of commercial. Thanks for listening.



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  1. Didn't realize the sponsorship was going to you and Tim a well. Sa-weet!