Monday, April 12, 2010

Cycle and Style magazine - Racing in the World's Toughest Race

I don't get media requests terribly often. Let's face it - RAAM isn't picked up on very many channels. So when it  does happen - that odd email or phone call: "Hi - I hear you are doing the world's toughest race? That's so cool!  Can we write about it?" I'm happy to help out. I'm not terribly shy, and I'd like to think that I give a reasonably good interview - enough "meat" to write an interesting article, without bogging down in too many details.

Last week I was interviewed by Tara McKee of Cycle and Style magazine - an online cycling magazine for women. I thought this was really cool - a great opportunity to bring the wild, wacky world of RAAM to an audience who may never heard of such insanity before.

Here's a link to the article. Feel free to spend some time browsing around the rest of the magazine. You'll find product reviews, informative articles, the occasional recipe (I was salivating over the pumpkin bars!) and lots of warm, cool, entertaining content.

That's it for today, sports fans!

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