Friday, June 25, 2010


Landed at home this morning at 3AM, too full for words. More soon, but I couldn't sleep before saying SOMETHING. In short, it was an amazing experience - one I'm eager to repeat, though slightly differently.
Highlights: why "Utah" is a verb, a root beer float, poolside in Congress, Go DEX!!!, amazing weather in every way, adding a cara-cara to my life list, road rash, and so much more that I'm still remembering/processing.
My crew - amazing. Thank you SO much. You rock. We got a lot accomplished.
I've got a fair job of recovery ahead of me, and a couple of fun upcoming races, and an announcement or two over the next few weeks.
In short, I'm doing well, and I'm glad to be home.
Here's the music that brought me home:

In vos, amicus vos.


  1. I have been enthralled with the RAAM since I first saw it in the 80's on Wide World of Sports on ABC.

    I took great interest in your blog and ride since I ride a high racer and one of my riding buddies rides a Carbent but without the pink idler.

    You and Ms. Buatois represented the women in the 'bent community very well. I look forward to your "announcements" and following you on your next RAAM(s).


  2. My husband and I followed you, and we are looking forward to hearing your reflections on the race. Amazing, really! We are fans from afar!

  3. Look'n forward to your "Thoughts of the Luckiest Girl In The World" after riding RAAM.

    And curious about this "announcement"

    slo joe

  4. Welcome home Sandy - rest, recover, reflect - then come ride with us and go ride some more races - are you crewing on RAO?
    See you soon,