Tuesday, August 9, 2011

24 Hours of La Conner - the waiting is the hardest part

We're making final preparations. Bikes - check. Spare wheels - check. Shoes, helmet (yay! New pink helmet!), food, drink, stopwatches. A UMCA record is a serious undertaking, and we're taking it serious to the max. David is verifying the calibration of my Oregon Scientific clock. In theory it can't be off, but the rules require that an official verify the timepiece, so that's what we're doing.
I'm nervous - a little - and part of me wishes that we were at it, already, so that I can get past the waiting.
I'm supposed to be tapering. I'll not count the spin class that I taught last night...surprise! Well, if the regular instructor's sick, someone needs to fill in, and I've called in my fair share of favors. Now I'll just do a couple of test rides from here out. My legs will hate me for that, but it's what I've gotta do.
Watch David's twitter feed for course updates: @drbradley.


  1. I must say, you've got one of the best blogs Ive seen in a long time. What I wouldn't give to be able to create a blog that's as interesting as this. I guess Ill just have to keep reading yours and hope that one day I can write on a subject with as much knowledge as you've got on this one!

  2. Yes spare pedals are included. Also twitter feed is @bradleydr, not drbradley as listed in the blog. Another fun and exciting adventure!