Monday, November 30, 2009

Belated Thanksgiving Thoughts

I had a great ride on Thanksgiving! I did a loop from Eugene to Marcola to Crawfordsville to Harrisburg and back down Coburg Road to Eugene. Jt's a beautiful ride, the kind that I like best - not too flat, not too hilly, not really TRYING to be anything, just the road going where the road needs to go. I can see this loop being part of a great double century. (Watch this space, we don't have enough DCs here in Oregon and I'm on a mission!)

Sunshine for the most part, then a good soaking the last 15 minutes. I was actually grateful that the rain came when it did - gave me the feeling that I'd totally used up my day, as it were.

A four hour ride gives you just enough time to gather your thoughts. I've had a GREAT 2009, and I've got a lot to be thankful for. Working backward...

A dedicated group of friends and supporters who moved heaven and earth to get me to the Borrego Double Ordeal earlier this month. Logistics, financing, equipment loans, dogsitting - I just wouldn't have gotten this done without help. I had a great time, made new friends, and it put me in a great frame of mind for my RAAM training.

My mom successfully finishing treatment for lung cancer. She's currently cancer-free after surgery and chemotherapy.

A great new occasional training partner - John Caton. We get royal support from his wife Lena. I feel totally spoiled whenever I go out with them. I know it's making me faster. And faster is good.

A breakthrough race at Ring of Fire. This is where I mentally became a recumbent racer, not "a girl who rides recumbents sometimes...." I set a pretty high goal for myself, and I exceeded it, despite tough conditions. Expert-level crewing played a role; I was lucky to have Robert along.

An actual bike sponsor! Woo-and-hoo! I've also picked up Honey Stinger as a sponsor. I'll freely admit that I did it for the cherry-dark chocolate protein bars, but their gels rock, too.

A FINISH at RAO. Looking at the starters list, a lot of strong riders didn't figure out how to make a finish this year. I am very thankful that I did figure it out, did finish, and did requalify for RAAM.

The opportunity to chief Team RANS to their ground-breaking victory over all other 4-person teams. We had a great run, I learned a lot, and being there was a big motivator for me.

A great new job at Bike Friday. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that my favorite part of the day is the noon ride - what kid doesn't like recess? - but mainly I'm thankful to have landed in Eugene and that I'm starting to settle in.

A womens' overall, womens' recumbent, and overall recumbent record at the Lewis and Clark Ultra. Oh, yeah - this was my first 24-hour race on a recumbent. Won't someone else PLEASE show up next year??? I set the bar pretty low, not for lack of trying, though.

A (soggy) win at the Davis 24 - the competition included Leslie Horton, who competed in RAW, and Joan Grant, who was smart enough to ditch out after 12 hours...

I'm thankful for good times, good friends, good health, and all the things that we take for granted. Like running water (which I currently don't have; we have a busted water line...but unlike a billion or so people, I know I'll have it again in a day or so).

Have a great week.


  1. we're glad john's not the only crazy cyclist in this town!

  2. You've had an incredibly successful year - wow - congrats all round!!! As for Davis 24hr - the first 12hrs turned out to be the worst right? So I don't think "smarter" is an accurate term - just "wussier"! If I'd driven all the way from Oregon and didn't have a nice soft, dry bed 1.5hrs drive away, maybe I'd have kept riding too! :) 2010 is going to be the year of GOOD weather though, right!!!