Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Blog Action Day - Climate Change and Cycling

Hi Gang -

Bloggers around the world are blogging about climate change today. To see more about what folks have to say on the topic, please visit here:

Cycling and (mitigating) climate change go together like (fair trade) coffee and (locally-sourced) scones. Or hands and gloves. Or pink and racing.
Bike commuting just makes sense! Exercise, base miles, save wear and tear on the car, and save the planet, one mile (or a few) at a time.

I've got to admit that sometimes I feel like an eco-slouch. RAAM certainly isn't about saving the planet! But in the long run, I'm hoping it more than balances out.

Here's a good way to keep track:

Have a great day! Lights - raingear - action!


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