Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sharing The Road

Had a GREAT training ride last Saturday. Lena and John (and Moo) Caton invited me out to John's training ride. He was supposed to ride for 4 hours, and was looking for company. So I got a paced ride on beautiful, scenic Highway 126, with full support.

All I had to do was - keep up with John. Not an insignificant task, but I was really motivated. Moo barked EVERY time the support car came past. Lena says that he only barks for John, but I could tell he was starting to bark for me, too...

The weather was pretty nice - I'd hesitate to say "perfect" but it was really QUITE nice - almost 60, almost sunny, very little wind. Riding along the McKenzie was scenic, there weren't very many cars, and the kinder, gentler rollers were a nice change of pace from the Wolf Creek training loop (if you're ever in town, that's probably where I'll take you riding first...).

The two hours out was rolling upwards ever so slightly - I really pounded it out on the uphills (check out this picture of my big-ring climbing!):

I also got to show off my smiling skills - remember, smiling makes for faster racing! - for the camera. Lena took an amazing number of pictures, and an even more amazing number of them turned out well. I'd have to take a whole lot of pictures to come up with 143 winners. (How many? We may never know....)

I know I rode harder than I would've if I'd been riding on my own - it's easy to let yourself off the hook when you're not being pushed to ride steadily. I'm pretty sure that John felt like he pushed a little bit, too - makes for great training.

Afterward, we spent some time talking about this and that, trading stories and tips. John has some great motorcycle goggles that have prevented the dry eye syndrome that plagued Mark at Furnace Creek a few years back. We talked RAAM, RAW, and Texas Hill Country.

Add it all up, and it's clear that I've been riding by myself waaaaay too much. So - if I hit you up to ride with me sometime soon, don't be too surprised.



  1. I Sandy, I ride a high racer too. A Giro26. But you are a lot more reclined than I am. I would never have thought the McKenzie hy would be bike friendly. What part did you guys ride?
    Ron J

  2. Hi Ron - I'm riding a stock "medium" Carbent HPV. The (fixed) seat angle is 26 degrees, and the seat is a couple of inches lower overall than your Giro (otherwise I'd likely not be able to find the ground - I'm 5'7...). We rode from the very eastern outskirts of Springfield to Rainbow and back. I'd not do it at any hour in any season - but since the tourist traffic was mainly gone, and it was pretty early on a Sunday, it was just fine. There's a good shoulder for almost all of it.